my mum said she’s tried to suicide before because of me and my dad said sometimes he wishes he could crash his car so he doesnt have to deal with it

my entire fucking arm is bleeding im not thinknig rational and im about to end it im just so fucking scared not even god is helping me

Kate Hudson’s dress was killer! She looked like a boss lady and I wanted to be part of her crew and Naomi Watts was a divine goddess.





she probably did this on purpose smh 

Her publicity team like “don’t forget to trip AT LEAST once!”

people on this website are so shitty you talk about how many social anxiety issues you have and how you’re not good at anything then this woman goes to one of the most stressful celebrity events ever where she’s already nervous about whether she’ll win or not and you think her tripping once is a publicity stunt I don’t care if you don’t like her shes still a person with nerves and anxiety just like you shitdicks

everyone hates everyone on this site


is Jennifer Lawrence a great actress? yes

is lupita Nyong’o a great actress? yes

did Lupita Nyong’o act better in 12 years of slave then jen did in American Hustle? yes

does that mean Jennifer Lawrence is a horrible actress? No 

guys you’ve got to remember, receiving an oscar doesn’t lower the worth of actors who have either lost of never received an opportunity to be awarded one


it sucks. i’ve been hiding refuge in my room all morning. my mum contoniously is telling me you suck at education and don’t even consider becoming a beautician because i’m sure you’ll fail at that. don’t talk to anyone because you’re an embarrassment and how ashamed i am to tell people you dropped out of uni. everything sucks and i resorted to the one think i managed to stay clean with since december

Lupita Nyong’o accepts the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role award for ‘12 Years a Slave’ during the 86th Annual Academy Awards


So I think Ellen won the selfie olympics

tumblr is fucking crazy with shipping every fucking celeb i swear to god if you do that shit you’re so fucking crazy 

its like saying omfg i ship you and your grandpa bc you two stood with each other



did dr. dre even attend medical school?