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 Rated M — Complete

 Three Thousand Days of Innocence » by cinnamon badge

Draco Malfoy wasn’t guilty of anything until no one could find him after the last battle… and to the Aurors, his absence spoke volumes about his culpability.
Reviews: 1,569
The Secrets of War » by Liz21
The war is over and Voldemort won. Ginny Weasley, the last Order of the Phoenix survivor, is given to Draco Malfoy as a prize for his help in the death of Harry Potter. When she thought she could only find misery, Ginny discovers a secret in Malfoy Manor that will change her life and Draco’s part in the war.
Reviews: 540

Weasel Vs Ferret » by hpangel

Draco has taken an unnatural interest in the littlest Weasely to piss off The Trio. Ginny is not impressed. Draco is rude. Ginny retaliates. It’s war. But then the war rages on into something else. How will it end?  
Reviews: 606

 Il Dragone » by rowan-greenleaf 

Malfoy leans in, and I fancy I’m about to get welcomed. I catch a whiff of his personal scent;something like vanilla and…boy.Yum. “We don’t have all day,” he informs me, “Have a seat or leave, but don’t just stand there, looking like an idiot.” Right.
Reviews: 913

 Sailing the Dark Ship » by kjcp

COMPLETE A week of detention bring Draco and Ginny closer together, and against all odds, an unlikely friendship emerges. But what will happen when their bond is tested and they both have to face the things they fear most? (Giving Up the Girl — Outtake)
Reviews: 525

 Serpent’s Bride » by reiko

In Ginny’s sixth year, Draco saved her life… and that’s a wizard’s debt. Now, five years later, its payback time. Especially now that Draco is in desperate need of a wife.
Reviews: 2,181

 Redemption » by Nikki99

Draco Malfoy has just returned to England after several years in the states. The war is over and the country is healing and he has decided that it’s time to change his life and he’s going to do it one muggle at at time.
Reviews: 251

Contractual Obligations » by enchantedstarlight

Selling herself into a marriage contract, Ginny Weasley finds herself playing a dangerous game, ultimately pitting her husband against her lover, and a father against his son.
Reviews: 632

Blue-Eyed Angel » by RaineMalfoy

Thirteen years after the Dark Lord was vanquished, Draco Malfoy is out of Azkaban, wandless, practically destitute and physically afflicted from his trespasses against Voldemort. Who should chance by and save this shell of a man from the ice he has become, but a fiery redhead from his dark past. (Fallen Angel— Sequel)

Keeping Christmas on the Death Train » by Anise

Two and a half years after his failure to kill Albus Dumbledore, Draco has long been accepted back into the ranks of the Death Eaters. He is still obsessively searching for the rebel Ginny Weasley, but he hides that secret well. When she is found one snowy December night, he smuggles her onto the Death Eaters? train with him. And he begins to learn that nothing will ever be the same again? 
Reviews: 2356

 Trapped Inside » by Lady Arabella Malfoy

After Hogwarts. The world of Death Eaters and Voldemort. Ginny is captured and put under care of Malfoy, one of DE. Strange relationship is formed in which they help each other to survive in the dark world. Full summary in the bio.
Reviews: 166

Throw It All Away » by SnarkyFanGirl

Ginny has had feelings for Harry for as long as she can remember. One summer, she decides to take things into her own hands and find out if she’s really in love with him, or if it’s just an infatuation. She gets her answer - but it’s not what she expects.
Reviews: 24

 The World Inverted » by rowan-greenleaf

Draco doesn’t remember their past together and now she’s just a Weasley to him. Ginny will do anything -jump through all the hoops, pose as an interior decorator, tap dance -ANYTHING- to break the spell that erased his memory and make him love her again.
Reviews: 321

 The Seductress » by Devilzzz

Completed. A myth from 1877’s leads Ginny and Draco to imprison the bodies of two lovers.
Reviews: 301

 The Lady’s Beginning » by Jack Tamara

Before she became the Lady of the House, Ginny Weasley tells the story of how she met and eventually married Draco Malfoy.
Reviews: 47

 The Enemy of Souls » by Jaden Malfoy87

After an unexpected attack on Hogsmeade, Ginny Weasley is left with only grief as a remnant of war. But what she never anticipated was to find her will to live again in the form of a bawling, greyeyed baby the baby of Draco Malfoy. (Economy of the Heart — Sequel)
Reviews: 48

 Stolen Memories » by Wiccan98

When Ginny was eight years old, something terrible and traumatic happened to her. Her parents didn’t think she could handle it and had the Medi-Wizards erase her memories of it. Now, eight years later…
Reviews: 756

 Purple Orchids » by Mrs. Dimoski

Ginny suspects that Harry is seeing someone behind her back. The particular woman happens to be Draco Malfoy’s current girlfriend. Now, Ginny must use the help of Draco Malfoy to get to the bottom of things. What else could happen?
Reviews: 64

 Prelude to an Affair » by chromeknickers

Every great love affair has a beginning: this is Draco and Ginevra’s.
Reviews: 227

 Playing with the Enemy » by CouCouLove

“God Malfoy! What do you want now?” she said, bending down to pick up her books. “I thought I was making that very clear my little weasel.” He smirked as he walked towards her “I want you.”
Reviews: 353

 Ginnugagap » by Aimsaru

When Ginny became an Auror she never expected to be partnered up with her enemy Draco, nor that she would grow to like him. Now, with the biggest case of her career and an old love showing up on her doorstep, Ginny must sort out her chaos.
Reviews: 679

Conquering a Prince’s Heart » by Silverbutterfly

AU story. Queen Narcissa wants to marry her son to someone capable of keeping him on his toes and capable of making him fight for what he wants. She chooses Ginevra Weasley, a girl from the low society to be his Princess. Will love be part of this bargain?
Reviews: 383

 Buttercup » by MemoriesFade

Trying to escape the pain of her daughter’s death, Ginny runs to America to start anew. Almost six years later, a man from her past walks back into her life, reopening old wounds and setting in motion a journey of discovery, sorrow, and joy.
Reviews: 795

Beyond Redemption » by Davesmom

Sixth year — Ginny finds that Draco has focused all his hatred on her. She has to find some way to make him leave her alone, regardless of the cost.
Reviews: 724

 A Marriage of Convenience » by Boogum

When Ginny is invited to go stay with her godmother in London to have her first season in pureblood society, she never imagined being married to Draco Malfoy would be added to the bargain.
Reviews: 1,124

 Domino » by Boogum

She wanted to escape. She wanted to lash back. She wanted to do anything but be his little pet. But she was at his mercy – her existence positioned on the edge of life and death, like a single domino waiting to fall. All it would take was one little push.
Reviews: 150

 Cruel » by rowan-greenleaf

COMPLETE. Draco Malfoy -you know, the Slytherin sex god and prince regent of Hogwarts? Yeah, that one- he’s a bastard. She thought she knew that. She was wrong.
Reviews: 153

 Marry Me » by icthestrals

Draco Malfoy has proposed six times to Ginevra Weasley. How did it get to this and what will happen the seventh time?
Reviews: 98

 Broken Dreams » by CouCouLove

"Do you know what they do to girls who disobey?" He asked her. She shook her head scared at his tone of voice. He gave her an evil smile. "It happens at Hogwarts, don’t you hear their screams?" The color drained from her face. Is that why they screamed?
Reviews: 330

  A Night Forgotten » by MemoriesFade

Ginny doesn’t recognize the room she wakes up in. The same cannot be said for the man she wakes up next to. If only she could remember what happened the night before.
Reviews: 33

 A Girl’s Best Friend » by OgygiaSylph

Draco is looking for an engagement ring for Astoria, but is it really what he wants? Ginny will help him find out…
Reviews: 33 

 The Nice Girl » by ihaveabigstick reviews

Draco Malfoy is now head of the family business. His investors feel that he is too much of a party boy. To show his maturity Draco must date a nice girl: Ginny Weasley. 
Reviews: 217

 Broken » by Wiccan98

Ginny is being abused by those who are closest to her. She is determined to make her last year different. What will happen when she makes some friends that those who hurt her will find unsuitable for her?
Reviews: 828

 Use Me » by recension

Ginny’s been having urges, but she can’t ask anyone who loves her to give her what she really craves. When you need someone to use you, you should ask someone who doesn’t care about you.
Reviews: 29

 Bad Romance » by Aurora Rezayne

Draco/Ginny song-fic set in Ginny’s fifth year. Ginny is bored with her boyfriend and wants something more spicy. She accidentally finds the spice in Draco Malfoy.
Reviews: 53

 Hate is such a strong word » by rrabbit

Follows the beginning of Draco and Ginny’s marriage to where the first story starts.
Reviews: 382

 I’m yours » by rrabbit

Ginny Weasley has been married to Draco Malfoy for two years. Not by choice of course. This story follows them through the life that they have together.
Reviews: 531

 When the truth doesn’t matter » by rrabbit

Cassius, Gavin, and Lavinia are at Hogwarts and have to deal with finding out the truth about their parents relationship. Takes place after I’m yours and hate is such a strong word… enjoy.
Reviews: 823

 Life goes on » by rrabbit 

Cassius, Gavin, Lavinia, and Evelyn carry on with their lives as Draco and Ginny’s children. It’s tough starting your own family outside of the one you already have.
Reviews: 908

 Envy and Manipulations » by rrabbit

Sixteen year old Ginny Weasley has her first summer job at the Folk Hills Country Club, the most prestigious high society club in the wizarding world. When Draco Malfoy comes home from his summer internship at the Ministry of Magic things get complicated.
Reviews: 1,323

Rated T — Complete

 Masquerade » by draigonfire

COMPLETED In one night, two very different lives unexpectedly intertwined with the aid of lust, love, and 50 million galleons. Now, six years later, one truth does remain: nothing can be hidden forever.
Reviews: 1,518

 Bend It Like Weasley » by Jedi Tess of Gryffindor

Loosely based on “Bend It Like Beckham.” A girls’ Quidditch team, with students from each House, forms at Hogwarts. A coach with questionable motives is the least of their worries.
Reviews: 1,625

 All You Need Is Love » by MochaButterfly

Ginny wakes up one morning and finds herself in a totally different world. The year is 1607, she’s a Muggle, there are only few magical people in the world, she’s an only child, she’s betrothed to her worst enemy, and she’s … a princess?!
Reviews: 2,040 

 Sketches » by pardonthelitany

There is pride and there is love. Ginny always thought that the two couldn’t exist together, but to be in love really means to have something to be proud of. Life is messy, time is an impassive judge, and love changes all but that.
Reviews: 15

A Fortunate Accident » by cherryredxx

This is the story of what happens when men don’t listen to their wives.
Reviews: 65


Rated M — In-Progress/Discontinued

 Economy of the Heart » by Jaden Malfoy87

Draco has a problem: his life is a mess. He’s helping a Mudblood, and he’s forced to play nice with a bunch of blood traitors. But his biggest problem? He’s got a secret that could ruin his relationship with Ginny forever. ( The Enemy of Souls — Sequel)
Reviews: 52
Fallen Angel by RaineMalfoy
It has been six months since Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley’s lives collided so dramatically, and nothing is going quite right or how Draco would like. The families are divided and mistrustful, and with a wee-Malfoy on the way as well as mysterious happenings all around London, Draco must balance his responsibilities as a father with being a lover and a reluctant hero, yet again. Blue-Eyed Angel — Sequel)
Reviews: 207

 The Different Shades of Grey » by Boogum

He was as black as she had painted him: cruel, heartless and deserving of hatred. Then circumstances began to change and what was previously black and white became a confusing muddle of grey, forcing her to question her heart and her loyalties.
Reviews: 426

 Heart Victorious » by madmissymel reviews

Ginny is the beloved mistress of Renwyg Castlea Saxon legacy of women chieftains that has endured for 900 years. Now, suddenly, she is stripped of her power, her home becomes he’s slave.
Reviews: 152

 An Ideal Death Eater » by Singtoangels1

But where’s my egg, Ginny asked. “Draco’s supposed to crack an egg and give it to me before we eat the cake.”::Mrs Weasley pursed her lips before she bit into a thin slice of beef. “I think Draco’s cracked enough of your eggs,” she said with some asperity
Reviews: 741

 Red Ember » by Aerileigh

Ginny, captured and held at Malfoy Manor, discovers that the plans of the aristocratic family are far more wicked and ambitious than anyone, even Lord Voldemort, ever guessed. Unfortunately for Ginny, she’s the pawn in the very center of them—but she’s not giving in without a fight.
Reviews: 728

 Mine » by Findabhiar Aery

Draco Malfoy watched Ginny Weasley all through school, and now, ten years later, in the world of big business, he has his chance.
Reviews: 718

 The Name of the Game » by KittyKnighton

Ginny enters the world of professional Quidditch, forming an unlikely friendship in the process. But how will this foe-turned-friend affect her friends, family, and fledgling Quidditch career?
Reviews: 419

 Predator: The Awakening » by Socra

Ginny has always had to deal with a lot of crap from her brothers. Now that she has hit her teen years, she is feeling a bit rebellious. When Ron meddles one too many times, Ginny vows to make him sorry.
Reviews: 218 

 Turning My World Upside Down » by DamnDraco

There’s more to people than it meets the eye. Ginny Weasley is about to know that first hand, specially regarding a certain blonde Slytherin. As their lives intertwine, the world she knows slowly turns upside down.
Reviews: 129

 Painful Poison » by Draigcoch

Ginny is kept by Draco as a prisoner, given to him by Voldemort to do as he pleases.
Reviews: 36

 Lady Of The Night » by Electric Pop

After Ginny takes a job a Marcus Flint’s Gentleman’s Club, she faces her childhood enemy, Draco Malfoy. With dark secrets from her past swearing to come back, being blackmailed by Draco was not part of her plan, but neither was falling in love.
Reviews: 123

 How We Pretend To Feel » by cherryredxx

In every woman’s life, there are certain moments that can either make her or break her. A woman will encounter something horrible that she can either use to better herself as a person, or she can let it get to her, eat at her and turn her into a revenge-hungry lunatic who will never move on until her need for vengeance is satisfied. Unfortunately, I went with option two.
Reviews: 71

 Feel » by bourbonrain

Ginny Weasley is alone in the world after the war. Draco Malfoy is determined to make her his.
Reviews: 81

 Eternally Tainted » by WritesInRed

AU. Draco Malfoy lives in a world where Harry Potter never existed, and the Dark Lord is at his peak. When a young redheaded female slave stumbles into his life, Draco will never be the same.
Reviews: 55

 Baby Draco » by SilverFangs 

Curiosity killed the cat. But for Draco, it was fate worse than death when he was accidentally turned into an eight-month-old baby and found himself in the care of the Weasley’s.
Reviews: 127

 I’ll never forget » by rrabbit

Ginny promised him that she would never forget that she loves him, but when he tears her heart apart it’s hard to remember why she did in the first place.
Reviews: 231

 A FLAME IN THE DARK » by Dearg-Due

After the war, all has changed. Ginny has lost everything and has to put up with being a servant at Morkdrage School of Dark Arts for Boys. What awaits her there? friends, fear, love, hate? And what’s that new Dark Prince got into hands? Ginny is a survivor.
Reviews: 534

 If It Were Any Simpler, It Would Be Impossible » by MochaButterfly 

DISCONTINUED. Ginny’s been sent undercover to retrieve Draco from Spain. But just who is deceiving who?
Reviews: 648

 Draconem Vincere » by Ginia Malfoy

It was at the age of twenty.four when the events, which outstripped the terror of my first year, crashed down on me, and I found myself sobbing, scribbling furiously the beginnings of a story on any scrap of paper I could find.
Reviews: 506

 Call Me Ginevra » by gNatRat reviews

The war has the Weasley’s worried about Ginny. After checking her resources McGonagall finds the best caretaker for Ginny. Too bad it turns out to be Narcissa Malfoy. What’s in store for Ginny at Malfoy Manor? Friendship? Romance? Death?
Reviews: 633

 And Deliver Us » by Salemsoriginal99

The greatest moment of one’s life is decided when that person agrees that life is worth more than the sum of all of their experience.
Reviews: 59


Rated T — In-Progress/Discontinued

 Crossing into Chaos » by Emeraleyes

In a world where Voldemort was never defeated, only pureblood, money and power matter. All that Ginny Weasley wanted was to survive in this pretentious world, but she ends up crossing a line and capatapulting herself into Draco Malofy’s chaotic world.
Reviews: 926

 The Ultimatum » by star123

Epilogue up 09.08.04 It is a fact universally acknowledged that Weasley’s and Malfoy’s hate each other. But when an ultimatum spell cast by Ginny attach her and Draco together magically the boundaries between love and hate have to be redrawn. ( The Ring — Sequel)
Reviews: 631

 Unaffected » by SnarkyFanGirl

It’s been six years since Ginny left Hogwarts, and two years since the defeat of the Dark Lord. War has taken its toll on everyone, and even though everyone has tried to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move on, many are still in denial.
Reviews: 57

 Heroes Shed No Tears » by VirtualFaerie

The war is over. Voldemort won. The whole good of the wizarding world is living in refugee camps, most people barely alive. A little boy comes to Ginny, how is he going to change her life? How does the Dragon of Hope come into play?
Reviews: 793

 Hate to love you » by RemyFlare

Ginny Weasley’s moved up a year but hasn’t moved on. Tom still haunts her and Draco Malfoy keeps appearing out of no where. On top of all that she may just be one of the most powerful witches ever. Fantastic.
Reviews: 13
Rated M — One Shots
White Rain » by desert anbu 
An excerpt from the journal of Virginia Malfoy, formerly known as Ginny Weasley.
Reviews: 34
The Way It Started » by Nimph
He hit on her, a smirk and a slightly insulting hello-how-are-you, and she hit back, locked gazes in meaningful silence, she took his hand and said let’s go -and ten minutes later… It was not enough.
Reviews: 11
The Thing About Affairs » by angelically-devilish
Just one night, Draco,” she said softly. “It’s New Year’s Eve. He’s working. He’s always working. I just want one night that I can hold in my head and keep me sane until the one day I won’t be able to take it anymore.”
Reviews: 39
Stockings by » fury-shashka
Nobody knew the nuances.
Reviews: 8
Slow Burn by » SnarkyFanGirl
When a bad joke leads Draco into a magically binding contract, he plunges headfirst into a world that he never knew existed - her world.
Reviews: 5
One More Night by » chromeknickers
They’ll never be friends, but they’ll make this night a good one – a night that will never end.
Reviews: 17
One Last Breath by » Tiny Chelle
They had just made love and were stretched out on her fourposter bed, their limbs entwined. If anyone were to ask, she would freely admit that the times she spent with him were some of the happiest of her life.
Reviews: 14
It’s Too Bloody Hot! by » TigerLily8806
It’s the middle of October and it feels like the middle of July. What happens when an over heated Ginny finds herself in the library but very much not alone.
Reviews: 16
I’m Married, You Know by » Soap1 
Ginny is married, but still keeps a healthy affair going on the side. What happens in his office once a year?
Reviews: 20

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